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JTR-Photo | Bondage Photographer


Bondage fasziniert durch intime Momente, aber auch Akrobatik, sehr viel Erotik und das gilt es ein zu fangen. 

Kanso | Bondage Rigger


My attraction to bondage began at the age of 13 when I discovered a copy of "My Secret Garden" in the trash outside of my NYC apartment. I was immediately drawn in, enthralled by the stories and fantasies of people wanting to be tied up and seduced. Thus began the curiously varied path of a boy from the Bronx seeking always to learn more about the human potential. My degree in cultural anthropology led to intensive studies in Oriental Medicine, martial arts and Buddhism, as I spent time living and practicing in many parts of Asia. A bit further down the road, in LA, I spent 6 years as a performer and director in the adult film industry. These experiences continued to coalesce in me as a deeper understanding of body arts, and what it is to live whole-heartily, with mental, physical, emotional, and sexual well-being. My journey into the art of Kinbaku and the beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage began over 7 years ago with my first Shibari class in San Francisco, and I haven't laid my ropes down since! I have had the honor to study with many from great teachers locally and abroad. I am still captivated by the physical, psychological and emotional effects that can be experienced between two people while in the midst of rope play, and love to share this through teaching and performing.

KOI KU NAWA Kinbaku 恋 苦 縄


kon’nichi wa - Wie man unschwer erkennen kann, gilt unsere Vorliebe der japanischen Fessellkunst, dem Shibari/Kinbaku und der etwas härteren Art, des Semenawa. Zuerst einmal möchte ich erläutern, woher unsere Faszination für Kinbaku kommt. Wir beschäftigen uns sehr intensiv mit dem Thema Japan, dessen Kultur und dessen Bräuche. Aus diesem Interesse heraus entstand auch die Liebe zum Kinbaku. Kinbaku ist für uns mehr als die Immobilisierung und die Submission, es ist der Ausdruck von Persönlichkeit, gut und böse, Vertrauen, Kreativität, Phantasie, streben nach Perfektion und tiefer Emotionen jenseits aller Konventionen. Aus der Sicht des Riggers, möchte ich mich damit selbst zum Ausdruck bringen, das Gut und Böse, dass in mir wohnt. Das Seil ist wie ein Pinsel, mit dem ich wie auf einer Leinwand male. Das Ziel ist es, meinen eigenen Stil zu finden, ich möchte nicht Stumpf Dinge kopieren. Auf diesen Weg lasse ich mich durch die eher schlichten und restriktiven Werke von Naka, Wildties oder auch Kasumi Hourai inspirieren. Die andere Quelle meiner Inspiration ist das komplette Gegenteil, so sind auch Kanna und Monko von mir sehr geachtete Künstler. Aus all diesen Einflüssen möchte ich meine Art entwickeln. Aus Sicht des Modells, Shibari ist für mich nicht einfach nur fesseln und gefesselt sein. In erster Linie gehört Vertrauen und Respekt dazu, nur dann kann ich vom Hier und Jetzt los lassen, mich auf das Seil einlassen, es genießen, den Schmerz annehmen und lieben. Während des fesselns gibt es für mich meine eigene kleine Welt in der nur wir beide existieren. Wir haben uns den Namen KOI KU NAWA gegeben, um nach Außen zu tragen, was diese Kunst für uns bedeutet. Diese 3 Kanji drücken unsere Welt des Kinbaku aus. KOI ist die Liebe, die Leidenschaft, die Passion. KU ist das Leiden, der Schmerz und auch die Angst. NAWA ist eben das Seil. Die sich daraus ergebenden Kombinationen spiegeln unser Wertesystem des Kinbaku wieder. Der Weg ist das Ziel, was für uns soviel bedeutet, dass wir um des Fesselns Willen fesslen, während einer Session gibt es für uns nur das Seil und eben Liebe oder Schmerz. Bondage for Play kommt dabei für uns nicht in betracht. Falls Ihr euch für Shibari interesiert oder Fragen dazu habt, könnt Ihr uns gerne anschreiben.

Lady Velvet Steel | Bondage Rigger


I am a dominatrix, living and working in Berlin. I got in contact with shibari several years back when I started working as a pro. Ever since then I am like to tie people in all sorts of style. In my work I usually use a more 'down to earth' approach to bondage. Quick, dirty and effective would describe it the best. For my own passion, I love to play with rope, suspension and unusual ways to set my models mind free. I am less traditional, more of a free spirited rigger.

Marrow BindMe | Bondage Shop


Bindme is our personal website about mostly rope bondage. A journy that to my idea will never end :-) BindMe Original BondageRopes is a product that has become from pure love of rope and bondage. Because of poor availability of the beautiful materials that you'd actually want to use, I started manufacturing my own years ago. The preparation of raw hemp or jute rope to a material that is pleasant to use for bondage, a piece of rope that you can trust for its strength, is a proces that requires feeling for the material. All this makes that BindMe Original BondageRopes breathe craftsmanship, knowlegde and beauty with a feeling of love for the material. It leaves the beautiful deep impressions that we know as ropemarks; a temporary memory of a beautiful moment. Your loved one is worth the most reliable and beautiful product.

Matthias T. J. Grimme | Bondage Artist


Matthias T. J. Grimme, aka Drachenmann aka Tatsu Otoko was born 1953 in Hamburg, Germany. After finishing highschool he studied nursing and social work, afterwards he worked for about 15 years in psychiatric institutions. He worked as organizer for the German men’s movement and was a co-leader of men's groups. He published several books and articles about men and their relations to themselves. Since 1989 he is co-publisher of the SM-magazine Schlagzeilen (http://www.schlagzeilen.com). There he regularly publishes articles about BDSM. He is also well known for being the author of "The SM-Handbook" and "The Bondage-Handbook" (a German standard lecture for BDSM addicted people) and also for "SM-Handbook Spezial vol 1" and "2". His latest book is "The Handbook for Japanese Bondage". Since about 23 years he organizes SM-parties in Hamburg/Germany (the last 12 years the party called "Respekt" http://www.respektparty.de ). He works as intimite piercer (http://www.kiss-of-fire.com ), BDSM-performer and SM- and bondage teacher (http://www.ropeart.de/ ) and offers workshops in Hamburg and Europe. He is the owner of the online supply of Bondage Project (http://www.bondageproject.com ). After being in Japan several times, he works as a photographer and filmer, rigger and ropeartist in japanese style bondage (Shibari) since more than 13 years. He lives with his wife Dana DeLuxe and his beloved model Nicole in Hamburg. More information about him can be found at http://www.bondageproject.com.

Michael | Bondage Artist


Born 1960 in Vienna, education as electronic engineer, psychologic councellor, energy worker. Started his kinky carreer in 1988 as author, performer, kink educator for bondage, impact, needles, medical, fire play, asphyxation, energy flow and other topics. Attended several bondage conventions in Europe and USA as a presenter and/or teacher, hosted events like Werktag or XPLORE Vienna. Tieing with any material and style that fits the purpose, including not only nylon, hemp, jute, and other fibres but also barbed wire, rubber, leather, steel.

Michael Ropeknight | Bondage Artist


Michael Ropeknight is student of Osada Steve and grandmaster Yukimura Haruki and is a licensed instructor first grade in Yukimura Ryuu. He had intensive trainings with various other respected japanese (like Akira Naka, Kinoko Hajime ...) and european bakushi (first of all Yukinaga Max from whom he learned and still learns so much). In teaching he honours the masters and traditional elements of kinbaku but he is known for his very own newaza approach and his communication/connection style in shibari. Together with his lovely partner Minouu he teaches rope and hosts regular rope events in their place "4elements - kinbaku lounge" in germany near Cologne/Bonn. Due to his individual and connective approach he concentrates on 1on1 private tuition but he is also available for workshops teaching his style in various places around the world.

Nawasabi | Bondage Rigger


I am a rope enthusiast living in the South West of Germany and discovered my passion for Japanese rope bondage during a Shibari class held by German bondage veteran Mathias Grimme. Since that day I am literally addicted to this art which led me to learn it from the scratch. Over the years I have participated from a lot of great teachers like Mathias, Xanoo, Bruce Esinem, Yukinaga Max and Nawashi Kanna. My biggest inspiration yet was studying under Osada Steve Sensei and Yukimura Haruki Sensei in Tokyo. If you like to get in contact or gather more informations about me, classes, private tuition or any other work please visit: www.nawasabi.com

NoShibari | Bondage Rigger


I’ve studied and practiced japanese bondage technics for years and I am especially interested in its application to live performance. I try to convey in my performances insight and intensity, to make my public appearances always exciting moments, full of strength and sensuality.

Riggervamp Alex Schmid | Bondage Rigger


Rigger seit 2014. Style osadaRyu, Western Style und Nawa.


RopeMarks | Bondage Artist


RopeMarks is owned and operated by Bob, A Dutch guy living in Amsterdam with a fairly twisted mind and imagination. His love for the bound female form already showed itself at a very early age, the age of 8 when he started reading comics. One day, somewhere around the age of 10, he once again took his allowance (the huge amount of a few dollars) to his favorite second-hand comic shop. In the back of this shop was a small porn department. While waiting in line to pay for his second-hand comic he catched a glimpse of the magazine the man in front of him was paying for. The magazine had a black and white photo on the cover of a bound woman wearing only sexy lingerie. This was his first look at such an image. A few weeks later he found himself standing by the already mentioned porn department, looking for a magazine with a bound female. He never blushed as much as he did then when he paid for the magazine he found. The Dutch, European, BDSM he was exposed too, had little serious bondage to offer, mainly the use of leather cuffs for restraining. The use of rope was minimal and aesthetics where not to be found. It was nice and exciting, but it was not -exactly- what he was "looking" for. Around his 16th he got access to the internet through school (which was nothing compared to the internet of today). On the internet he started looking for information about bondage and BDSM. It was quick, easy and anonymous (still important aspects for current internet use). Besides a lot of information he also found, photos, a lot of photos, of Oriental women bound with rope. These photos were not just photos of bondage with leather or leather and rope, but there was beauty in the bondage, a purpose, an aesthetic. The bondage itself could be seen as art. The model served as a canvas where the artist could apply his ropes. The model became a living erotic piece of art. Not only did it look wonderful, it was also very arousing. The name he saw being used most for this was "Japanese bondage". When he knew what he liked, Japanese bondage, he started concentrating on it. he started with looking, studying, the photos he found on the internet. The more he searched the internet, the more textual information he found. With his first girlfriend he attempted his first bondage's. This kept growing and expanding with every girlfriend. Relations broke, but bondage kept his interest. Comics, SM magazines, bondage and the internet filled his youthful mind and became a returning factor in his life and relationships. With every girlfriend the focus on bondage (and BDSM) in the relationship grew until he found a long-time partner that shared his bondage interest on the receiving end of the ropes. The growth of Bob, and his partner, went fast from there and resulted among other thing in the company RopeMarks. Currently RopeMarks, Bob, can be considered a household name of very good reputation in the European BDSM/Fetish scene and a very well known name with equally good reputation in the world wide BDSM/Fetish scene.

Ropeworker | Bondage Rigger


Als Seilfetischist, dem Bondage mehr oder weniger verfallen treibe ich mit meiner Frau und einigen Freunden mein Unwesen. Aus rein medizinischen Gründen vor die Wahl gestellt, entweder mit dem Bondage aufzuhören, oder was ganz neues zu versuchen, habe ich mir Hilfe in einem Einzel Bondageworkshop gesucht um die Tür zu alternativen Fesselungen zu öffnen. Auf der Grundlage japanischer Fesselungen haben wir begonnen, bei körperlichen Einschränkungen am Oberkörper, Schulter- gelenks und Nackenbereich Fesselungen entsprechend der persönlichen Bedürfnisse entsprechend abzuändern, bzw. anzupassen um Schmerzfreiheit und Entlastung im weitestgehenden Sinne zumindest über einen kurzen Zeitraum zu erreichen. Auf dieser Grundlage haben wir zahlreiche Variationen für unterschiedliche Schmerzbilder entwickelt, welche zumindest zeitweise komplette Entlastung und Schmerzfreiheit verschaffen. Auf Anfrage halte ich diesbezüglich auch kurse in kleinstem Rahmen ab.

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